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A Distribution Centric Incubator

The BLINC team methodically uncovers practical innovations that bring emerging vape and cannabis technology to market.

Business Modeling & Strategy

Our team’s superior capabilities have helped numerous clients in vape and cannabis develop and deliver winning strategies. We see things that others miss, offering you more creative business solutions that combine intimate industry knowledge, vast distribution networks, and actionable insights in how to create value in your business. Our business modeling and strategy practice enables your company to be worth more than just the sum of the product’s parts. By defining and focusing on your core, we help your product reach its economic potential and achieve a leadership position.

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A Distribution Centric Incubator

Development & Market Testing

At BLINC, product concept testing is structured around four components: product screenings, product testing, business analysis and market testing. Our multidisciplinary team examines your product from every angle, ensuring objective and thorough analysis. We measure the perceived visual, conceptual, and functional appeal of your product and evaluate how well the product is likely to fare compared to both competitors and benchmark products. Our technology expertise allows our teams to quickly build and test the most inspiring product designs through a series of iterative prototypes, before testing small batches with actual retailers.

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A Distribution Centric Incubator

Scaling Channel Development

Once we nail down the future vision of your product and achieve market validation, we use our distribution networks and relationships to scale your business to the next level. Our approach to sales encompasses how and to whom companies sell their vape and cannabis products, the channels they use, and the back-office operations to support these efforts. BLINC partners with the world’s leading distributors of premium brands in the burgeoning head shop, smoke shop, and dispensary channels. Together with our distribution partners, we have honed capabilities in go-to-market strategy, order fulfillment, effective inventory management, and merchandising expertise to optimize return on your sales investments.

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A Distribution Centric Incubator

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We have rolling enrollment because we are always open to working with remarkable teams and companies. If you’re interested in joining our incubator program, please enter your email below and one of our executive brand managers will contact you to see if we are a good fit.

Our Team

Meet our Founders

The Blinc Group Founding Team and advisory board contribute a number of key assets, significant expertise and industry relationships that play an integral role in the Company’s strategic growth plan. Executive management has founded, funded, scaled and exited multiple businesses, and includes leaders and innovators across the fields of vape, cannabis, media, and healthtech – with strength and experience in technology development, product commercialization, and corporate development.

Sasha Aksenov
Sasha Aksenov Co-Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur, a recognized brand strategy expert and a marketing industry veteran with a successful 20 year track record. As founder of Blinc’s parent company, Brand Labs, Sasha has led brand strategy for leading fortune 500 brands.

Arnaud Dumas de Rauly
Arnaud Dumas de Rauly Co-Founder & CSO

Former President of FIVAPE in EU, a founding board member of Vapor Technology Association, and one of the world’s most renowned experts in Vapor Technology, safety, regulations, manufacturing and distribution.

Givi Topchishvili
Givi Topchishvili Co-Founder & Advisor

A New York-based entrepreneur and investor who over the past two decades has developed a systemic approach to business growth and expansion in a complex and ever-shifting global economy.

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